Al Ain Zoo Is At The Centre Of International Day For Biological Diversity

Al Ain Zoo

The zoo presents the UAE as a global leader in nature conservation ahead of the special day.

The International Day for Biological Diversity falls on Friday, 22nd May and Al Ain Zoo is highlighting its success in preserving wildlife.

The zoo is currently home to around 4,000 wild animals found worldwide, most of which are considered endangered.

This has led the zoo to become an important centre for breeding programmes that help to preserve wildlife and protect the biological diversity of multiple species of animals.

The zoo conducts studies on biological diversity in the field of nature conservation, for which it was established in 1968 by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

The results from such studies revealed that many different species have settled within the zoo environment, indicating that all of the elements of fertile and attractive environments are available for these animals.  This in turn contributes to the increase of biological diversity and allows for the study of migratory birds, butterflies and bats, according to a report by the UAE News Agency, WAM.

Bird Life

Al Ain Zoo

The zoo is now studying the presence of migratory birds in the UAE.

Already, it has monitored 100 species of birds, of which 27 percent are resident bird species, 60 percent migratory, and three percent migratory and resident.

Each month the zoo observes the number and types of birds and the duration of their stays, and compares the results of its study with the results of other studies in the field of bird migration.

The zoo noted that the most important results from monitoring the birds revealed that most types of birds are found from March to September, including white wagtail birds, tympanals, and technic bike, and many types that took the zoo as a breeding ground, like the Alexandrian catfish.

Due to precautionary measures, the zoo is currently closed to visitors. But you can still find out more about the zoo’s conservation measures by logging on to Al Ain Zoo.

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