Branch of Al Ibrahimi restaurant shuts down over food safety issues

Al Ibrahimi Restaurant
Shut down of Al Ibrahimi restaurant, Electra Street branch in Abu Dhabi. Victor Besa / The National.
Insects in food storage areas

A branch of popular restaurant Al Ibrahimi was shut down on Monday by authorities for breaching food safety rules. Al Ibrahimi’s Electra street branch was closed for flouting health and safety regulations.

The health authority officials said, the restaurant was given a warning for being unhygienic and storing food in unsanitary areas before they closed it down.

Frozen food was not properly thawed before cooking, leaving meat and poultry with an unpleasant smell.

Insects were also found in food storage areas which could have posed a risk to consumers’ health, the statement said.

“The decision to close the restaurant came after its repeated failure to meet health and food safety standards,” the statement said.

“Two notices were already issued against the restaurant in addition to an administrative warning of closure because of low cleanliness levels in food preparation and storage areas.”

The Al Ibrahimi restaurant will remain closed until the management rectifies the situation.

In 2011, the restaurant’s Madinat Zayed branch was shut down after inspectors found its fridges laden with rotting meat and its kitchen crawling with cockroaches and rats.

Inspectors from the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority said the air in the badly ventilated kitchen was heavy with the stench of tens of kilograms of meat and chicken past the use by date. It also ordered that 85kg of meat be destroyed.

Inspectors regularly sweep through the emirate’s restaurants to safeguard public health and ensure restaurants comply with food safety requirements.

The public is urged to report any issues by calling 800555.


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