Al Qana: This newest dining and entertainment destination is opening in six months

Zaytoun terrace at Al Qana
Al Qana will proudly showcase local artisans and seasonal food experiences in Abu Dhabi.

Al Qana, the scenic and picturesque waterfront social dining and entertainment destination in Abu Dhabi, today reveals the extent of its plans to become an inspiring new culinary epicenter for the capital.

As a contemporary dining centre, the development is perfectly located to offer expansive outdoor spaces that cater to the need for socially distanced dining, with a vision to curate a portfolio of food-related experiences that embrace emerging global trends in the wake of the pandemic.

COVID-19 has radically reshaped consumer habits across the world, with the hospitality industry one of the hardest hit by its associated restrictions. However, as we move into Q2 2021, the mood in the UAE is upbeat. MENA Research Partners predict that the GCC’s F&B market will achieve growth of 7% this year, climbing to an estimated $196 billion.

This arguably suggests and forecasts for a rapid rebound in tourism as countries gradually relax travel. For the UAE, this is further fueled by UAE government initials to complete hospitality and leisure projects ahead of EXPO 2020 in October 2021, which is forecasting an additional 3million tourists during its opening period.

Al Qana is therefore ensuring that all venues are fully future proofed for such a rebound, designed in keeping with the new requirements for socially mindful dining, with a focus on outdoor seating, spacious interiors, and food as entertainment.

Al Qana is also aware that as the market recovers, consumers will wish to seek out all that is new, fresh and engaging. As such, the leadership team feels it is imperative to pump fresh ideas into the market, embracing a raft of relevant dining trends, including eating local, veganism, sustainable concepts and digital integration.

Each unique, home-grown concept has therefore been carefully selected to pre-empt such trends, resulting in a plethora of dining experiences that are a far cry from the traditional. Visitors will be spoiled for choice, with the variety and innovation on offer, all located on the vibrant and one- of-a-kind Abu Dhabi waterfront.

Spanning over 2.4 km, Al Qana will bring unique local and international F&B concepts with over 95 outlets. With over 60% leased, six months from opening, the names of the impressive collection of outlets will be announced in the coming weeks.

We look forward to this highly anticipated venue, to enjoy a whole new & delightful culinary experience!


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