Binge On! Your kids eat for free at Aquarium seafood restaurant

Aquarium Seafood Restaurant
If you love sea food, this is the place!

A whopping great meal for kids at Aquarium seafood restaurant for FREE is what their promotional offer says.

Starting from month of June, kids can enjoy their meal in a perfect setting. This promotional offer runs at the restaurant only on Fridays & Saturdays from 1 PM to 8 PM.

The kids can savour their choice of main course from the available options. They get to choose from a wide range of gourmet items from the menu.

To list a few of them for your zeal-full plans, chicken fingers, fish nuggets, mozzarella cheese sticks, mini burger with fries & a cheese spaghetti with tomato or creamy cheese sauce, accompanied by a drink with two choices – a cold drink or freshly concocted fruit juice for the kids.

Enjoy a gala family time this weekend at Aquarium seafood restaurant. There’s plenty of delicious dishes on the menu for all types of food lovers!

To make a reservation with your friends or family call 8006996.

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