%Arabica opens in Marina Mall Abu Dhabi

%Arabica opens in Marina Mall
For the love of coffee, a new coffee shop to explore in Abu Dhabi.

Calling out all the coffee connoisseurs!

Are you the slurpy snob or an instant drinker? Even if you are a bean aficionado, there’s a new coffee shop for you! %Arabica open in Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi.


If you are desperate for a cup of coffee, you should be heading down to this cool cafè, without a delay! Located on the ground floor in Marina Mall, this concept store named Arabica is a minimalist’s dream.

The brand’s founder, Kenneth Shoji, teamed up with award-winning architect, Chris Precht to customise an all new Arabica Pod. This flexible and expandable unit can be deployed anywhere, and it looks pretty classy.

Arabica’s logo is an inspiration for their interiors. The half-circled doors of the % Pod rotate to their locked position, creating the two circles in the logo’s percentage sign.

The store will also feature a retail wall where customers can pick up the latest Arabica merchandise. You can expect to see travel tumblers, backpacks, tote bags and portable brewing gadgets. These are what Arabica calls the essentials for “seeing the world through coffee.” Customers can also purchase coffee beans that are sourced from coffee farmers around the world.

%Arabica was originated in Japan and even has its own coffee farm. Its espresso blends are unlike many others. The café’s attention to detail, focus on great tasting coffee, and nods to Japanese minimalism make it an ideal place to get caffeinated.


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