Covid-19 Updates: Philippines flight ban extended until 15th June

The ban on travel from the UAE to the Philippines has extended until 15th June.

All geared up, but nowhere to go! With more destinations arriving on your Instagram, it is difficult to not being able to pack your bags & move out like usual.

With a hope to travel soon, no charts seem prepared for flights from Philippines to UAE yet. Filipino authorities confirmed the ban will be extended till 15th June.

In light of this pandemic, UAE is on a list of seven countries currently excluded from touching down in the Southeast Asian country, alongside India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Oman.

At least till the end of June, flights to and fro from UAE & India are grounded too, imposing similar measures. However, travel to other parts of the world remain open for travellers, especially for those who are vaccinated with both their doses.

As restrictions keep reinstating, travelling with the same zeal will not be possible till June. Hence, sit back, relax & enjoy your gala time for a few more days!

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