E-scooters: Warning against riding on the roads in Abu Dhabi

E-scooter users urged to ride safely in Abu Dhabi!

As many people head out to parks or for their leisure time with their E-scooters in the evening, the risk & danger to pedestrians has increased. Abu Dhabi Police is taking necessary measures for safety of pedestrians on road. By pointing out some of the cons of E-scooter riders, Abu Dhabi police has declared not to be riding on sidewalks/roads.

These E-scooters stop suddenly after running out of batteries, which in return may be very dangerous for children riding it as well as for the passersby. To ensure that they wear helmets and other protective gears, including gloves, knee and arm pads.

In their latest warning on social media, Abu Dhabi Police took to advising parents on strictly monitoring their children while riding e-scooters and ensuring that they use safe places designated for them and stay away from public roads.

Police have always urged both, e-scooter users and cyclists to adhere to safety requirements while riding in the city. Earlier, police had urged them to use service roads and cycling tracks and refrain from riding on main roads.

The penalty for not giving priority to pedestrians at designated crossings is a Dh 500 fine.

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