Are You Road-ready During The Holy Month

Road-ready during the holy month

The season of Ramadan is known for its solemn and quiet nature.

Yet road accidents peak during this period as people rushes to get to their destinations especially in the afternoon and evening for iftar.

For those who are fasting, trying to maintain focus while driving can be quite a challenge resulting to poor decisions while behind the wheel. But driving during the Holy month doesn’t have to be a painful and dangerous experience.

Are you Road-Ready, Drive Safely

Luckily, Thomas Edelmann of RoadSafety UAE offers valuable tips for motorists to follow to keep safe during Ramadan.

  • Be aware of your own potential limitations!
  • Watch out for other traffic participants potentially under the same effects.
  • Expect the unexpected – we all MUST drive defensively!
  • Plan for possible delays and add a time buffer!
  • Always wear your seat belt – Ramadan is a good time to finally start this habit!
  • Watch out in the morning rush-hours!
  • Motorists should try to anticipate sudden movements by others, including cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians.
  • Approach signals carefully at Iftar time – even when the light is green – and don’t jump red lights!
  • Keep a sufficient distance between their vehicle and don’t tailgate.
  • Plan your schedules properly and leave early to avoid the need of rushing and speeding.
  • You can run a little bit late  – people will understand.
  • Around sunset prior to Iftar, be very cautious!
  • Stay off the roads at sundown, if you can avoid it.
  • Use your lights during dusk, before Iftar.
  • Avoid fatigue and get enough sleep.
  • Pull over immediately when you becoming drowsy.
  • Use public transport or taxis.

There are also tips to follow for those who are not fasting…

  • Be considerate and generous to other traffic participants who might fast!
  • All traffic participants – fasting and non-fasting – must be extra careful during Ramadan!
  • Especially, ‘weaker’ traffic participants (pedestrian, cyclist or motorcyclist) must watch out for potentially irrational behavior of other traffic participants!
  • Apply the same defensive driving approach like fasting traffic participants.
  • Be very careful in the peak accident morning rush hours!
  • Try to stay off the roads just before Iftar!


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