Awqaf Abu Dhabi Embraces Digital Fundraising for Mosque Development

Abu Dhabi
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The Abu Dhabi Endowments and Minors’ Funds Management Authority (Awqaf Abu Dhabi) has launched an innovative digital campaign called “Baytak Fel Jannah” (Your Home in Paradise).

This initiative aims to streamline the process of collecting donations for the construction and maintenance of mosques across the emirate.

Recognizing the widespread adoption of smartphones and digital payment methods, Awqaf Abu Dhabi has introduced a dedicated online platform that allows worshippers to contribute to this noble cause with just a few taps on their mobile devices.

Strategically placed signage and cards with QR codes have been distributed to approximately 50 mosques in various areas of Abu Dhabi, with plans to expand the campaign to the remaining 350 mosques in the future.

By simply scanning the QR code, individuals can access the secure online payment platform and select their desired donation amount, as well as their preferred payment method.

This seamless process ensures convenience and efficiency, encouraging broader community participation in supporting the development and upkeep of these vital religious institutions.

The “Baytak Fel Jannah” campaign, launched in conjunction with the Eid Al Adha celebrations, aligns with the Abu Dhabi Government’s strategic vision to accelerate digital transformation and leverage cutting-edge technologies to enhance transparency and security in fundraising efforts.

By embracing digital solutions, Awqaf Abu Dhabi aims to reach a wider audience and provide greater flexibility in payment options, ultimately fostering a more inclusive and accessible charitable ecosystem.

In addition to the digital platform, Awqaf Abu Dhabi has complemented the campaign with a robust social media presence, further raising awareness and encouraging community engagement in this noble endeavor.


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