What You Need To Know About Abu Dhabi’s First Hindu Temple

Hindu Temple in Abu Dhabi

Standing on 13.7 acre plot in Abu Mureikheh (mid-way between Abu Dhabi and Dubai ), the soon to rise traditional Hindu temple is expected to welcome thousands of worshipers when it opens it doors around 2022.

There are two Hindu temples in the UAE currently and both are in Dubai, making this new structure a welcome addition and the first in Abu Dhabi.

“Firstly, it is important to remember and recognize that each Temple that exists in the region hold equal spiritual importance,” said Pujya Brahmavihari Swami, the senior monk overseeing the project.

“However, this Temple will be unique due the fact that it will be built on ancient Vedic architecture and will adhere to the principles of the Hindu Shilpashastra’s which were developed over thousands of years ago.”

Aside from being a place of worship, the temple will serve as a sacred venue for the Hindi community to practice their faith, celebrate religious occasions and strengthen their bond.

“Though, we are still working on the final designs of this temple, it will be an architectural masterpiece made from various stones that will grace the UAE skyline,” revealed Swami.

The complex will be enhanced by a multifaceted, multifunctional cultural and spiritual centre that will nurture spiritualism through the use of the latest advances in technology.

Moreover, this temple will become the largest site in the UAE for people of all faiths to come and experience Hindu culture and religion.

“To enhance the experience for both devotees and guests alike, the temple complex will include an array of facilities such as a visitors centre, exhibitions, play areas for children, garden and water features, a vegetarian food court, a gift shop and many more to leave a long lasting memory of their visit,” said Swami

“We want to make this Temple inclusive for all cultures. In India alone, there are dozens of various beliefs and practices ranging from the North to the South of India, thus we will include a number of halls so that devotees can practice their faith and cultural festivals freely and joyously.

“We hope for this reason, the BAPS Hindu Mandir will truly be a symbol of religious harmony and tolerance within the UAE.”


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