Berklee Abu Dhabi Has Launched Its Online Autumn Programme

Berklee Abu Dhabi
All the budding artists in UAE can now sign up for online classes with a world renowned university.

Berklee is known for its arts programs and the stellar coaching it offers its students. The Abu Dhabi edition will be no different. Berklee Abu Dhabi is commencing its Autumn programme for students interested in honing their creative skill-sets.

The institute situated on Saadiyat Island will have some of the world’s best professionals and instructors to mentor the students and guide them on the processes of contemporary music, dance and theatre. Regarding the musical aspects, students will learn about Harmony and Ear Training, the basics of Western Musical theory; Digital Music Production, recording, editing, and mixing; Turntable Techniques and DJ Skills, exploring the culture and aesthetics of hip-hop, turntablism, club DJs, and mash-up DJs; and the Essentials of Song-writing. In short a graduate from this program will not only be able to create original melodies but know how to work in an industrial set-up and understand the operations behind music production. The university also offers ono-on-one sessions to students looking to learn piano, guitar, bass guitar, violin, contemporary oud and qanun.

Similar 360 level experiences are what awaits students in every program that they enroll into. For instance, the dance based sessions will not only explore the nuances and techniques that makes the art from so intricate but teach students how to effectively embody it to narrate and story tell.

For the theatre enthusiasts, the Theatre Program that is open to ages from 7 – 15 will involve high interaction with the students through personal accounts which will be developed through the course of the program to include larger theatrical elements.

To put it simply, if the creative arts is a field you want to delve into but are unsure on how to go ahead with it, all you need to do is sign up for the program that aligns with your interests and leave the rest to the experienced faculty of Berklee Abu Dhabi.

For more information about the courses on offer, please visit the Berklee Abu Dhabi website at


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