Witness the Brilliant Eid Al Adha Fireworks in Abu Dhabi

Fireworks in Abu Dhabi

Best Spots to Enjoy the Celebrations

Experience the spectacular Eid Al Adha fireworks in Abu Dhabi! From Abu Dhabi Corniche to Yas Bay, discover the top locations to witness the dazzling pyrotechnics.

Get ready for a six-day long weekend filled with unforgettable celebrations for both locals and visitors. Explore picturesque spots, waterfront promenades, vibrant beach clubs, and iconic venues while enjoying the breathtaking fireworks.

Plan your Eid Al Adha experience in Abu Dhabi with our comprehensive guide.”

Abu Dhabi Corniche

Indulge in a delightful dining experience while enjoying the mesmerizing fireworks at Abu Dhabi Corniche.

Explore the picturesque waterfront, and choose from a wide selection of cafés and restaurants offering the perfect vantage point for the fireworks display.

Al Hudayriyat Island

Hudayriyat Island

Unforgettable Festivities and Fireworks at Al Hudayriyat Island. Immerse yourself in a host of Eid-themed festivities at Marsana Waterfront and enjoy quality time at the waterfront promenade, culminating in a breathtaking fireworks display.

Arrive early to secure your spot and avoid the crowds.

Yas Bay

Yas Bay Waterfront

Kickstart the long weekend celebrations at Yas Bay with a lineup of fantastic fireworks.

Explore the vibrant Waterfront area, featuring a variety of cafés, bars, and restaurants. Don’t miss out on visiting the stunning beach club and the dazzling Etihad Arena.

Al Dhafra

Enchanting Eid Al Adha Fireworks Amidst Colossal Dunes Description: Mark your calendars for a unique Eid Al Adha fireworks display at Al Dhafra.

Experience vibrant times amidst the colossal dunes and ancient forts, creating a truly enchanting atmosphere.

Al Mugheirah Bay

Celebrate Eid Al Adha with adventure at Al Mugheirah Bay. Enjoy an Eid Entertainment Zone, live colorful parades, music, and a breathtaking LED show, culminating in incredible fireworks.

Admission is free for an evening of unforgettable entertainment.

Hazza bin Zayed Stadium, Al Ain

Hazza bin Zayed Stadium in Al Ain

Head to the renowned Hazza bin Zayed Stadium in Al Ain for a dazzling display of lights during Eid Al Adha.

Gather your loved ones and enjoy the epic fireworks show in this massive 25,000-seater stadium.

Plan your visit to these picturesque locations, dine at waterfront promenades, and enjoy the vibrant entertainment options while witnessing the breathtaking fireworks against the Abu Dhabi skyline.


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