Budget Airline Air Arabia Abu Dhabi Announces Flights To Bangladesh

Air Arabia Abu Dhabi
Air Arabia Abu Dhabi has announced that their flights will also be flying to Chattogram in Bangladesh as operations now begin to ease up.

Air Arabia Abu Dhabi, launched early this year, is one of the capitals top budget airlines that residents can avail. The airline adds a new place on its roster with flights to Chattogram in Bangladesh starting 25th October. The airline has scheduled two flights every week. This latest addition encompasses the seventh route for the carrier. The airline has made sure that their measures align with all the international health and safety standards to ensure passengers’ safety. They have also fitted HEPA cabin filters in the flights to create a safe environment for the travelers.

What is most exciting about the carrier is the conscious effort they take to create a sustainable environment not just inside the carrier but outside. The aviation industry is one of the largest contributors of air pollution and therefore it is only essential that the industry players take an active step to leave a more environment friendly footprint. Michael Gill, Executive Director of the Air Transport Action Group said, “Air transport is in the midst of the deepest shock in its history – we expect a reduction of up to 4.8 million jobs in the sector by the end of the year…. And a massive hit to our ability to connect the world. However, as we plan for the recovery of air connectivity, we also must prioritise our environmental progress. To ensure that aviation can continue to provide the economic and social benefits, it is crucial that we pursue a “green” recovery and lay the foundation for a sustainable industry for the long term”.

Several jobs have been on pause and multiple flights have been grounded. The aviation industry around the globe is still reeling from the effects of Covid-19 as they start up and there really is no better time to establish a new foundation that furthers an ecologically conscious operation. The aviation sector is working towards cut C02 emissions in half by 2050 and this can only be achieved through more sustainable fuels and encouraging the use of electric, hybrid and hydrogen aircrafts. Eric Fanning, Chair of the International Coordinating Council of Aerospace Industries Associations has said, “Moving forward, government and industry leaders must find new ways to collaborate on funding and developing innovative technologies that will address climate change.”

As stated by experts, the time is now more than ever to kick start the work towards creating a more sustainable aviation industry and it is reassuring that Air Arabia Abu Dhabi is able to employ this while maintaining affordable rates. To make your booking, you can call the call center or visit the official Air Arabia website


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