Six UAE Universities License Revoked By The Ministry Of Education

UAE Universities
After the ministry’s annual review, six universities are on probation on account of not meeting educational standards.

The Ministry of Education has been reviewing performances of UAE universities and the review concluded with six universities losing their license and another six being put on probation.

The UAE government has been actively trying to ensure that all the resident universities are offering quality education that are in par with international competence. As a part of this, last year a set of guidelines and regulations were sent out that would be used to license higher education in the country. The guidelines stipulated that universities had to set out a certain caliber of facilities regarding health and safety, educational resources, quality of faculty and overall university experience for the students.

These rulings have been done after seeing that the universities have been failing to meet standard and accreditation standards. Universities are required to meet certain levels of excellence to admit students and operate as educational establishment. Especially in regards to their academic programs to ensure that they are melting out quality education to the students. The 12 universities have been instructed to amend their pedagogic methodologies immediately before they can admit any new students or the current or next academic years.

Universities will be evaluating all their processes to ensure that their services are up to quality.


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