How An Ancient Practice Like Qi Gong Can Benefit Patients With Cancer

Cancer Patients
Qi Gong is a gentle, mind / body exercise with origins in Chinese medicine that is said to help cancer patients.

For thousands of years Qi Gong has been practiced as a form of preventative as well as a therapeutic and rehabilitation program.  These three purposes are extremely important to those living with cancer. Kasey Conrad from Change Works Holistics writes about how White Tiger Medical Qi Gong is the approach she has adapted for her patients and why she thinks it is an effective method.

Cancer Patients practicing

As a cancer survivor myself; who was treated simultaneously by a western oncologist and a Chinese medical Practitioner, I am a living testament of the efficacy of Qi Gong, acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapy as a valuable adjunct to western medical treatment.

There are a number of benefits in applying Medical Qi Gong as an option to cancer patients including stress reduction, relief from physical symptoms, strengthening the immune system and reducing the fatigue that is inherent in certain cancers and traditional treatments.

  • Reduction of Stress and Quieting the Mind

The deep focused breathing combined with the rhythmic movement of Qi Gong, especially in a Yin focused 8 Trigram practice, can serve to bring a profound feeling of peace and relaxation.

Healing Patients with Cancer

  • Maintenance of Physical Strength & Flexibility

Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy can cause deep joint and muscle pain. This pain can discourage and often prevent a cancer patient from engaging in a traditional physical fitness activity. However, the gentle fluid movements of Qi Gong, incorporating the coiling and uncoiling action at the joints, along with the engagement of the muscles serve to improve flexibility, reduce joint and muscle pain and increase physical strength.

  • Improved Balance

Certain types of cancer as well as cancer treatments such as chemotherapy can cause a side effect known as peripheral neuropathy. Neuropathy is a general term that describes a disorder affecting the peripheral nerves. Depending on which nerves are affected, patients can expereince numbness or tingling, muscle cramps, loss of muscle tissue and diminished coordination and loss of balance.

The deep twists and coiling of the Medical Qi Gong forms, effectively stimulate the peripheral nerves and clear blocked Qi, which promotes the healing of the nerve(s) and with continued practice, diminishes the neuropathic effect and stop them from tripping or falling.

  • Reduced Fatigue and Increased Energy

Cancer patients commonly experience chronic fatigue, either from the cancer itself, treatment they are receiving, or most likely a combination of both. It is not unusual for a cancer patient to be constantly exhausted and suffering from an ongoing muddled mind. Medical Qi Gong practice increases oxygen levels in the brain and muscles by stimulating circulation and releasing stagnant Qi. Cancer patients who have a regular Qi Gong practice find themselves more alert, more clear minded and less tired throughout the day.

So as Kasey has outlined, the versatility of White Tiger Medical Qi Gong is what makes it perfect and a potent method of treatment.

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