Celebrate Lonely tune starrer Tasmanian devil’s ( Taz ) anniversary

Tazmanian Devil ( Taz )
Celebrations continue at Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi

Remember the sweet but dim-witted carnivore from Looney Tunes? The Tasmanian Devil ( Taz )!

The second youngest member of the squad has completed 67 years of blazing around town like a tornado! Warner Bros., the largest theme park in Abu Dhabi is showcasing a Taz Special.

Robert McKimson designed the animated character after the real-life Tasmanian devil, an animal native to Australia. Featured in Warner Bros.’ Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies, Taz has earned ultimate popularity.

It all started with showing blurbs of the animated character as a marketing technique which later gained its own fan-base in the 1990s. The running gag in the show, quite literally – who ate trees, spoke incongruous punchlines, lived life at 90 km/hour – is being remembered at Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi.

Catch the Tazmanian Devil on at the Ricochet Racin’ With Taz and Ani-Mayhem rides or spot him blazing through the streets of Cartoon Junction!  Taz will also appear in the upcoming feature film Space Jam: A New Legacy. Jim Cummings will be reprising his role.

There is the highly anticipated show in summer in Abu Dhabi, ‘Space Jam’ a new legacy. To know more about the show at Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi click here.


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