Give 2022 an adventurous kick start with CLYMB™ Abu Dhabi

CLYMB™ Abu Dhabi
Be part of the ultimate indoor adventure hub

How about having an adventurous start for 2022 with CLYMB™ Abu DhabiThe UAE’s ultimate adventure hub boasting the unique indoor skydiving and climbing wall.

CLYMB™ Abu Dhabiis home to two record-breaking experiences. These include the world’s biggest indoor skydiving flight chamber and the region’s tallest indoor climbing wall, The SUMMYT™.

Whether a first-time, climber or an expert athlete, every adventure-seeker can consider adding these two high-octane sports to their list of resolutions for 2022.

The world’s biggest indoor skydiving flight chamber features an unmatched width of 32ft and a record-breaking height of 104ft. Guided by a team of certified instructors, guests can harness their body control techniques and enjoy the ultimate flight experience at this one-of-a-kind attraction.

Even guests aged 3 to 14 can become experts at skydiving by signing up for the Junior Flying Club. They will get one-on-one coaching sessions with CLYMB Abu Dhabi’s expert instructors.

If that’s not enough, add climbing to the adventure list. There are five climbing walls varying in height and difficulty. This includes the region’s tallest indoor climbing wall at a record-breaking height of 138ft “The SUMMYT”.

Highly trained climbing instructors are ready to assist guests as they reach new heights with every climbing wall.

Little ones aged 4 and above of all skill levels can also join the fun and try out the climbing experience at CLYMB™ Abu Dhabi. For those looking to take it a step higher with indoor climbing, CLYMB™ Abu Dhabi offers Bouldering and Auto-belaying group courses for guests aged 14 and above.

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