This summer fiesta at CLYMB™ Abu Dhabi will make your kids confident

CLYMB™ Abu Dhabi
Kids friendly indoor skydiving and climbing courses

Searching for safe & fun ways to get your kids more adventurous? Let’s get them busy with some challenging climbing courses or indoor skydiving during this summer holiday at CLYMB™ Abu Dhabi.

Home to the World’s Largest Indoor Skydiving Flight Chamber and the Region’s Tallest Indoor Climbing Wall, CLYMB™ Abu Dhabi offers family-friendly experiences with expert instructors and extensive safety equipment on hand, specialised for kids.

CLYMB™ Abu Dhabi offers varying levels of difficulty in both skydiving and climbing for guests of all skill levels to obtain new heights.

  • The Junior Flying Club Pass

CLYMB™ Abu Dhabi

The Junior Flying Club pass offers kids aged 14 and below, the chance to learn flying skills with one-on-one coaching from CLYMB™ Abu Dhabi’s certified instructors.

Kids will start their courses with a short training session where their instructors will demonstrate techniques, positions and hand signals, from the basics to the more advanced moves, used to communicate while skydiving.

Each pass will be valid for three months and will offer 20 flights in total, with 5 flights per session, heralded by dedicated instructors that will brief and de-brief junior flyers before and after their flights.

The passes also include flight gear rental as well as a personalized development plan to monitor their skills and level of progress.

  • Get your kids started on their climbing journey

Kids climbing on Indoor wall

Everyone has got to start somewhere. Available for kids aged 4 and above, this experience allows you to discover your climbing skills with a 60-minute access to three climbing walls (bouldering wall, beginner wall and intermediate wall).

Beginners will have instructor supervision and will also be provided with climbing gear rental including a helmet, harness and climbing shoes.

  • Bouldering and Auto-Belaying Group Courses

The course running for 4 hours and 30 minutes, includes teachings and practical implementation of climbing methods that provide new climbers aged 13 and above with the knowledge and experience needed to boulder and auto-belay without supervision. The course is available every Saturday from 1:00 PM until 5:30 PM.

  • Top Roping Course

Once climbers have mastered the basics at the Bouldering and Auto-Belaying courses, the next progressive step would be to learn how to top rope. Where guests will learn how to tie a figure 8 knot, belay and climb while being belayed.

This course is a 9-hour course over the period of 2 days. Guests above the age of 13 who wish to take the Top Roping course may be asked to demonstrate some required climbing skills prior to joining the course. The Course is available every Thursday from 4:00 PM until 8:30 PM and Friday from 1:00 PM until 5:30 PM.

CLYMB Abu Dhabi instructors recommend indoor skydiving and climbing for kids because it:
  1. Creates confidence: Little ones feel a sense of accomplishment as they face their fears and learn a new hobby.
  2. It is tons of fun: Conquering gravity in the indoor skydiving flight chamber or reaching new heights on indoor walls makes little ones feel invincible.
  3. It promotes movement and coordination: Enhances problem solving, sensory and coordination skills.
  4. Tones muscles and helps with balance: Increases little ones’ strength and flexibility


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