CMA Dubai Toastmasters Returns With “Leader Talks”

CMA Dubai Toastmasters

Exclusive Invitation To Attend The CMA Dubai Toastmasters

Discover the Next “Leader Talks” Session by CMA Dubai Toastmasters Club Elevate your personal growth journey with CMA Dubai Toastmasters Club’s “Leader Talks” series. Following the resounding success of its debut event, the club is thrilled to unveil the second installment of this highly anticipated series.

Scheduled for February 10th, 2024, at the esteemed Dubai Public Library, Al Mankhool, this upcoming session promises an enlightening experience. Dr. Hima Parameswaran, a respected authority in Talent Management with a Ph.D. and Associate CIPD credentials, will be the distinguished guest speaker. Dr. Parameswaran will delve into the nuances of Talent Management, offering invaluable insights into shaping a new paradigm in this dynamic field.

Sanju Varkey, the Club President, shares his excitement for continuing the “Leader Talks” series. He emphasizes its role in nurturing personal growth and development, vital for the success of club members.

Renowned for its dedication to transforming individuals into proficient communicators and impactful leaders, CMA Dubai Toastmasters proudly holds the prestigious status of a President’s Distinguished Club in Dubai, earned over the past four years.

While primarily catering to club members, CMA Dubai Toastmasters extends a warm invitation to a limited number of visitors keen on benefiting from the “Leader Talks” series. Secure your spot as a visitor by reaching out to Sooraj Manimangalam, the Vice President of Public Relations, at 050-5228522.

Experience firsthand the insights and inspiration that await at the “Leader Talks” series by CMA Dubai Toastmasters Club. Don’t miss this opportunity for growth and development!


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