A Coding School With No Classes And Teachers To Open In Abu Dhabi

Coding School

42 Abu Dhabi is a coding school that is part of a partnership between the 42 programme in France and the Department of Education and Knowledge.

Have you heard of a school with no teachers? Well, that is exactly what capital will have soon for the budding coders. 42 Abu Dhabi is a new school that will open in February next year. The 42 programme is a coding initiative started in Paris in 2103 by French billionaire, Xavier Neil with more than 20 campuses across the globe. Soon enough, there will be an Abu Dhabi edition that has received support from the likes of Twitter founder Jack Dorsey and Snapchat’s Evan Spiegel.

The school plans to operate through peer to peer learning, coding projects and internships. The classes will be free for the students and offer them an opportunity to self-learn and explore their interests in tech. The programmes claim to transform all enrolled students into a coder within three to five years.

“Establishing 42 Abu Dhabi underlines our commitment to provide next-generation education pathways to strategically upskill and nurture a future-ready workforce on a local and regional level,” said Sara Musallam, chairwoman of ADEK.

“By making coding and code-thinking accessible to people of all levels and abilities, 42 Abu Dhabi embodies the emirate’s vision for a tech-enabled business ecosystem and contributes to our leaders’ vision to build a secure and confident society that is competitive, sustainable and open.”

While the school aims to instruct the students on all the basics, they are required to be above 18 years and take a month-long assessment to be placed accordingly. The school will have a functional environment where the students will interact with their peers, work on their individual projects, sit for tests and undergo training exercises, all on their own volition. Post their assessment, students will start the more comprehensive leg of the self- directed curriculum where they will learn how to develop algorithms, build secure networks, and create games.

This school is part of several initiatives in the UAE to bolster the interests in technology and coding, an industry that could potentially pave way to numerous job avenues. Consequently, these efforts to invest in knowledge enrichment is to equip the youngster with the skillset required to enable the desired progress in the sector in time. At the moment, the school is accepting up to 750 applications.

The registrations are now open to Emiratis and UAE residents who can register at www.42AbuDhabi.ae.


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