Common myths around stress

Four things you may not know about mental health.

Is stress really around us? The answer is a big YES

In fact, with more than half the world working from home, a lot of people find it hard to maintain a good work-life balance that often leads to stress. It is important to have healthy coping mechanisms in place to control pressure.

Having preconceived notions may hinder you from being there for your family and loved ones. These are some myths that you should bust right now!


Stress is the same for everyone

A very big NO!!

Every individual has his or her conception of tension. Some incidents may be more difficult for you than someone else who may be least affected by the same. Working in a hectic atmosphere may be detrimental to you but certain people thrive on stress and their best comes through in those times.


Stress is always bad for you

Not necessarily !!

Although no stress leads to your health and happiness it is not entirely true. A little stress maintains a balanced life. The important part is how you manage that stress. You manage it ably and successfully and you will feel happy and proud to have gone through it skillfully. On the other side, you mishandle it and you will fail and or become more stressed.


No symptoms, no stress


Just because you have no visible symptoms or masking them in other ways does not spare you from the excruciating experience of going through stress. By overlooking these signals you are inviting more of the same on your psychological as well as physiological systems. There are more chances of you feeling its physical effects like disorientation, anxiety or even breathlessness.

You may feel disorganised or overwhelmed, which are again signs of mental strain you may be undergoing.


Stress causes grey hair


Firstly it is not supported by the research of any kind and secondly, hair does not turn grey. As you age your body produces fewer pigments responsible for hair colour and thus age is a very big factor. Certain illnesses such as vitamin deficiency, cigarette smoking, low bone mass, heart diseases etc; are also the cause of grey hair.

All in all the evidence so far available suggests that stress is not the major factor leading to grey hair.

The world is full of many more such myths but you need to get them confirmed scientifically before embarking on what path to take.


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