5 Types of diet that the world loves

5 Types of Diet that the World loves
Pick the one that works for you!

Following diets to achieve your fitness and health goals is not just a trend, but if done properly it has proven to give effective results. But you should never follow a diet blindly, consult your dietician and see what works the best for your body.

But here are 5 scientifically proven effective diets that the world loves

Gluten-free Diet

For maximising the effect of your good health you should focus on whole foods that are naturally gluten-free. Avoid intake of Barley, rye and wheat as they are rich in this protein, namely gluten. Also, stay away from gluten-free junk food as it still remains junk food.

Vegan Diet

Over this past decade, we have seen the rise of the concept of a Vegan Diet. More so as it is considered beneficial for your health, helps in weight loss, improves heart health and gives a much better blood sugar control. It’s primarily based on all plant-based foods and eliminates all animal products.

Low-carb, whole food diet

For those who wish to lose weight, maintain very good health and lower their risk of diseases the low-carb, whole food diet is ideal. Depending on your own personal goals you can very easily fine-tune your intake of carbs in a day. This regimen is particularly low in starch, processed foods and sugars and high in fats, eggs, fish, meat and vegetables.

Paleo Diet

Now, what is this? It is based on what we now refer to our Cavemen Ancestors who basically ate what they hunted or caught fish etc; supposedly very suitable for us today as it conforms to our basic senses as God made us and thus less harmful. It really center’s on unprocessed foods and is a very popular diet for general health improvement and weight loss. Currently ranks amongst the world’s most popular diets.

Mediterranean Diet

Very thoroughly studied, it is an excellent diet which is particularly good for the prevention of heart diseases. It encompasses most of the commonly available foods in the Mediterranean region of the 20th Century and even earlier. It boasts plenty of vegetables, fruits, poultry, fish, whole grains, dairy products, legumes and extra virgin olive oil.

So take your pick carefully and gift yourself a healthy lifestyle.


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