Emergency Use Of Covid-19 Vaccine For Frontline Workers In UAE

Image of Hand holds Coronavirus Covid-19 Vaccine glass bottle.
Abu Dhabi has been conducting clinical trials for the Covid-19 vaccine involving UAE volunteers.

The UAE Health Minister, Abdulrahman Al Owais has stated, “The emergency use of the vaccine is fully and completely compatible with the laws and regulations, and our goal is to provide all safety means for the first line of defence to protect them from any dangers they may face due to the nature of their work. The results of studies during the final stages of the third phase showed that the vaccine is effective and resulted in a strong response and the generation of antibodies to the virus. Studies on the safety of the vaccination have been reviewed and showed that it is safe for use.”

The Covid-19 vaccine underwent Phases 1 and 2 of trails in China to then be further examined for the Phase 3 in the UAE. The tests and research were conducted at a clinic located in the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre and one in Sharjah. Backed by volunteer and medical staff support, the vaccine can now be administered to frontline workers should there be any emergencies. The vaccine has been declared staff after an extensive process of trials with UAE volunteers. The volunteers did not complain of any major symptoms although a few them experienced sore throats. Dr Al Kaabi said, “The side-effects that were detected are simple and expected, like any other vaccine,” and that the results were reassuring of the vaccine’s effectiveness.

There were 31,000 participants from 125 nationalities out of whom, 1000 individuals were chronic patients who faced no difficulties of discomfort.

While there has been a spike in the number of cases, the authorities are enforcing strict rules to ensure that there is no unnecessary crowding and that the people are adhering to the stipulated rules and regulations. The launch of the vaccine is no doubt encouraging as we wait to see how things continue to pan out.


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