Covid-19 Tests Are Now Charged At AED 250

Abu Dhabi
Residents can now be tested for Covid-19 at AED 250 to travel outside Abu Dhabi and return.

The PCR tests that are now valid for 6 days of stay in the emirate have reduced their prices from being AED 370 to AED 250. These prices are what are being employed at all the SEHA screening centres, hospitals, and clinics to do the Covid-19 test.

This news eases on the expenses for Abu Dhabi residents who must commute regularly for their work. Nevertheless, those who are coming into Abu Dhabi from other emirates can enter with just a negative DPI laser test.

People travelling from overseas still need a negative PCR test to enter the capital and this is only for those with resident visas. Abu Dhabi has still not opened borders for tourists.


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