For UAE’s Golden Jubilee, Etihad Airways creates something special

Etihad Airways
A series of initiatives have been launched by Etihad Airways to celebrate the UAE “Year of the 50th”

Etihad Airways has collaborated with youngest Emirati chef, author, ice-skater, artists, and musical performers. This is to commemorate the special anniversary and showcase the unique spirit of the UAE.

As the second phase of year-long UAE 50 celebration, the project aims to raise the profile of the UAE as a hotspot for culture and art. Each expressionist will spotlight one of the UAE’s values of inclusion, resilience, honesty, creativity, inspiration and passion. These heart-warming collaborations will inspire future creators and elevate Abu Dhabi and the UAE’s place on the world’s culture-map.

Aysha Al Obeidli, 13, dubbed ‘the youngest Emirati chef’, has taken social media by storm. Aysha and Etihad have formed a unique and inclusive collaboration to create a delicious dessert. This will be served with Etihad’s children’s meals on flight over the UAE National Day weekend.

As an artist on the autism spectrum, Abdulla uses his perspective to communicate a powerful message and view of the world that is frequently not represented. Each of the five pieces of art details a different decade in the history of the country.

Over the coming weeks, Etihad will showcase collaboration with other Emirati leaders. . Multi-award-winning Emirati painter, Abdulqader Al Rais, who pioneered the arts movement in the UAE, will produce a unique work of art in his abstract style which combines geometric shapes with Arabic calligraphy.

Zahra Lari, the five-time Emirati national champion figure skater and the first Emirati figure skater to compete internationally, will showcase her sport. Zahra, from Abu Dhabi, will release an instructional video to inspire young people to take up ice-skating, and more importantly to influence young people to never stop chasing their dreams.

Children’s author and illustrator Maitha Al Khayat will capture the stories of Etihad to aspire children to work in aviation one day. Her illustrated book will be published around the UAE’s National Day.


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