This service introduced by Etihad Airways will make your travel easy

Etihad Airways
The process is quicker and easier for Etihad’s guest

Etihad Airways has announced its upgraded “Verify to fly” service. This is a more streamlined and personalized service through its website

The upgraded service makes the process quicker and easier for Etihad’s guest ensuring they have all the Covid-19 related documents before leaving for the airport. A personalised email informing guests on what documents are required for travel will be sent seven days prior. These documents can now be uploaded directly to the ‘ Manage my Booking’ section of up to 72 hours before departure.

The new website functionality replaces the email upload system which was launched by the airline in May 2021. The new upload process guides travellers through the process of uploading and shows the specific documents needed to get verified for their chosen destination.

Once uploaded, the documents will be checked and guests will receive an email confirming they have met all requirements for their flight. Additionally, travellers can check the status of their submission at any time by logging onto ‘Manage my Booking’ at

As a result, they can begin their journey with complete peace of mind and will also benefit from a significantly faster check-in at the airport.

John Wright, Vice President Airports and Network Operations, Etihad Airways, said, “Etihad’s Verified to Fly service has been used by more than 110k guests already and has now been further improved and streamlined.

The service has significantly reduced airport check-in times, and provided much-needed reassurance to our guests that they have already met all COVID-19 travel requirements before they reach the airport.”


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