Etihad Airways One Of The First Airlines To Launch The New IATA Travel Pass

Etihad Airways Travel Pass
Etihad Airways will offer the travel pass to passengers on select flights from Abu Dhabi during the first quarter.

Etihad Airways and Emirates Airlines have partnered with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to launch a travel pass for passengers. The travel pass is a mobile app that will help passengers to update the government in fulfilling all the requirements for COVID-19 vaccines and tests. This will help ease travel as all the information required will be available on the travel pass. The travel pass is currently being trialed on certain flights from Abu Dhabi for the first quarter of 2021. In the future, the travel pass will also be extended to other destinations around the world.

The IATA Travel Pass will enable Etihad’s guests to create a ‘digital passport’ to receive COVID-19 test results and verify they are eligible to undertake their journey. Importantly, IATA Travel Pass will keep passengers in control of their data and facilitate the sharing of their test with airlines and authorities for travel. It will also make it convenient for passengers to manage travel documentation throughout their journey.

Etihad has been actively exploring the roll out of digital health certification for its guests, and this latest partnership with IATA, alongside similar programmes the airline has in development, shows the technology is advancing quickly to make it a reality. To standardise the way in which passenger wellness can be assured during the COVID-19 pandemic, at an industry level, Etihad is actively campaigning for collaboration and a united regulatory response to restore confidence in flying.

IATA Travel Pass has been developed as four independent modules that can interact with each other. These modules cover registries for regulatory entry requirements and labs/test centers, verified certificate issuance, digital identity and the possibility for passengers to share their tests results along their journey via their mobile device. These modules can work together as one complete end-to-end solution. Or they can be used separately to complement systems that others are building. IATA has developed these modules to ensure they are interoperable with other industry solutions


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