Face masks are no longer mandatory in select spaces

Prophet Muhammed
UAE face mask changes and other restrictions being eased

The United Arab Emirates is easing Covid-19 restrictions including mandatory face masks in public places. Other restrictions being eased include places of worship, close contacts and events.

You will still have to wear face masks in closed areas, however wearing them outdoor will be optional. Physical distancing must still be observed. This major news was announced by the National Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA) and the Abu Dhabi Media Office.

If you have a close contact case, you will not have to undergo a mandatory quarantine. Instead, you will now have to “take PCR tests daily for a period five days”. This applies to workers in all sectors.

The local level within each emirate have the flexibility to determine testing sectors, the quarantine period and more, as well as precautionary and preventative measures.

For new COVID-19 cases, wristbands will no longer be used during home quarantine.

The other latest Covid-19 update includes returning the time interval between call to prayer and stay to previous pre-pandemic status. Physical distance of one metre between people must still be maintained between people in mosques and other places of worship.

The Quran will also return to mosques in a limited number “on the condition of stertilisation after each prayer”.

All sporting events of all age groups are returning, but a green pass must be presented or a valid PCR test not more than 96 hours old.


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