No more green list for Abu Dhabi and UAE updates PCR test rules

Sunday in Abu Dhabi
PCR test rules end for vaccinated travellers coming to the UAE

Abu Dhabi has removed its green list system and also stopped quarantine for all international travellers comings to the capital. The United Arab Emirates is also ending the PCR test rules for vaccinated travellers.

Fully vaccinated travellers will only have to show vaccinated certificate with a readable QR Code. This is as per the  National Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA).

If you are not a vaccinated and are travelling to the UAE, you have to present a negative PCR test 48 hours prior to the departure. If you previously had Covid-19, you will need to show a proof of complete recovery with a readable QR code.

Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee approved the reduced precautionary measures for international travellers. The green list system removal was shared on 25th February just hours before it came into effect.

The last Abu Dhabi green list came into effect from 15th February. There were a total of 72 countries that were able to the UAE capital without having to quarantine.

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