An action packed series of competitions with Circuit X Abu Dhabi

Circuit X Abu Dhabi Competition
Thrill seekers unite for the competition of the year with Circuit X Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi’s entertainment hub Circuit X has officially kicked off its Circuit X Games. A series of competitions are held over a two-week period until 06th March. The Circuit X games includes activities for families and adventure seekers of all abilities to participate.

Whether you are a beginner, pro-level excitement junkie or an adventurous family, you are in for a treat for this month. Located in Hudayriyat Island, Abu Dhabi, Circuit X is bringing back some classics as well as exciting new interactive competitions.

Circuit X is launching its first Family Decathlon, a brand-new all-inclusive competition for families with outdoor activities.

The Circuit X skateboarding competition

The Circuit X Games kick-off with an exhilarating skateboard competition at the Circuit X Skate Park. Watch the UAE’s best skaters of all ages show off their skills and compete to claim the title of Skate Champion to win amazing prizes from Vans Middle East.

The skateboard competition area will be divided into age groups and categories for all abilities.

26th February 1.30 pm to 5.00 pm

The Circuit X Family Decathlon

The Family Decathlon is first of its kind competition that aims to build your family bond and competitive spirits. In a short span of time you have to tackle obstacles and a unique set of 10 challenges. The aim is to promote teamwork and collaboration in families.

The activities boost confidence and mental agility amongst members. Ensure you have a team of minimum 4 people to participate.

05th March 2022

The Circuit X Climbing Wall Competition

Circuit X Wall Climbing competition is set over a 50ft wall and braced with 3 difficulty levels, across 3 age categories. Each contestant will be recorded over 2 trials for the best time.

05th March 2022

The Circuit X Ropes Courses Racing

The Circuit X Games will also introduce the first ever time trials on the ropes course! With three age categories in line with three levels of circuits: Kids, Scouts and Extreme. Be ready to put your speed to the test in this race!

05th March 2022

The Circuit X BMX Time Trials

As part of the Circuit X Games, the BMX time trials are back. This will be a fierce competition between racers competing to finish with the best time record. Hosted across three age categories, Junior Racer, Senior Racer, and Adult Racer, the winner will be named BMX Champion of 2022.

Ticket prices start at AED50. For more information and to register, please visit the Circuit X Games, Skate Competition 2.0, or BMX Track Rush 3.0 or call 02-6910302


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