Make Father’s Day Special With These Brilliant Gift Ideas!

Father's Day

Even in the times of COVID-19 it’s important to continue you to celebrate those who we love dearly.

We’re not going out as much these days but that’s no reason not to celebrate. And with Father’s Day approaching on 21st June, we’ve put together some great ideas on how you can make this day count for pops regardless of your budget.

The perfect combination

Father's Day Gift idea: Watch

A brand-new wallet and shiny watch might just make his day. Here are a number of options you can choose from on and Noon to fit your budget.

Never too late to relax

Having known a few users who swear by the Theragun massager, this could be the gift that helps your dad enjoy a relaxing massage. You don’t ever have to worry about hitting the right pressure points because this machine will now do the job for you and what’s more, it’s portable and easy to carry.

Summertime splurge

Father's Day Grill

Gather the family with Dad and enjoy time on your balcony or in your garden barbequing. There are a number of great plug-in grill on the market such as the George Foreman or Weber. Easy to handle, they can be used indoors or outdoors, so turn the music up and enjoy some down time with the family. We’ve personally made Pizzas on the Weber grill that have turned out fantastic! There’s a wide range of grills available at Lulu supermarkets.

Print out the love

This one’s awesome for memory making. The wireless mobile photo printer let’s Dad create his very own mini album of favourite memories. Dads love their personal collections, and this could help him start a brand new one of perhaps his favourite memories with you.

Get creative

This is also your chance to really get crafty and personalise the gifts and there are many ways to do this. You could make a simple heart- warming collage online and have it printed and framed. If your dad loves his jokes, there are several great books online on, that’s right: Dad Jokes!


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