More than 45,000 fines issued in 2021 for violating traffic rules

DCT Abu Dhabi
AED400 fine and four traffic points will be imposed

Not leaving a sufficient safety gap behind vehicles resulted in 45,269 fines in 2021 in the capital. Failing to leave a sufficient gap causes traffic accidents that result in human and material losses. This is as per The Traffic and Patrols Directorate of the Abu Dhabi Police (ADP).

The Abu Dhabi Police has appealed to drivers to always abide by traffic laws and regulations to protect themselves and other road users from traffic accidents.

The ADP explained that Law No. 5 for 2020, which states that an accident caused by not leaving sufficient distance, could lead to the seizure of vehicles in Abu Dhabi.

From the date of seizure for the release of an impounded vehicle fines of AED 5,000 must be paid. This is within 3 months. If the fine is not paid in 3 months, the vehicle will be transferred to a public auction yard.

Moreover, under Article 52 of Traffic Regulations 178 for 2017, an AED400 fine and four traffic points will be imposed.

Drivers who harass other motorist can distract drivers and result in serious traffic accidents.

Motorist have been urged to take necessary measures. Even in changeable weather maintain safe distance between vehicles, especially during low visibility caused fog and rain.


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