AED 1,000 fine says Abu Dhabi Police if your ignore this stop sign

Abu Dhabi Police
Radars in place to automatically detect violation.

The Abu Dhabi Police ( ADP ) in cooperation with the Integrated Transport Centre and the Emirates Transport Corporation have warned motorist. Those motorist who do not stop on seeing the “Stop” sign arms on the school buses displayed, there are radars that will automatically monitor motorist who violate.

The Abu Dhabi Police have warned motorists to stop when they see the stop sign of school buses. Failing to do so will lead to a fine of AED 1,000 and ten black points. School bus drivers who fail to open the stop sign while dropping off students will be fined with AED 500 and six black points.

Radars have been installed on school buses in Abu Dhabi to detect motorist ignoring the “Stop” sign. The Police pointed out that motorists are supposed to stop in both the directions on a two-way road when the “Stop” sign arm has been put out at a distance of five metres from the school bus.

The Abu Dhabi Police recently handed out umbrellas and cold water to outdoor workers sweating it out in the scorching heat. The traffic and patrols team went around handing out mini-umbrellas, milk and cold water. To know more click here


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