Greece: Will this be the next holiday destination for vaccinated individuals?

UAE and Greece ensure safe travel corridor for vaccinated individuals

UAE & Greece have joined hands to move towards recovery of Covid-19 Pandemic. Fully vaccinated individuals have been awarded with a safe travel corridor in order to establish safety. In addition, a mutual recognition of vaccine certificate is issued by health authorities in the two countries.

The vaccinated individuals don’t have to apply for quarantine requirements upon arrival! Such relations between two countries helps promote tourism, facilitate movement of individuals & achieve the desired goal of vaccine campaigns.

New regulations state that citizens and residents wishing to benefit from the quarantine-free travel corridor in both countries will be required to show documentation that they have received the last dose of a COVID-19 vaccine in accordance with the approved applications or certificates issued by health authorities.

If not thorough with documentation, travellers can also present PCR laboratory test results through these applications.

However, this initiative against Covid-19 spread affirms keenness and awareness of these two countries on a global scale. Commendable, indeed.

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