These new countries have been added to Abu Dhabi’s green list

Abu Dhabi Green List
Passengers from these countries can now fly to Abu Dhabi for trade or holidays.

Without needing to be quarantined, travellers from 6 additional countries can fly to Abu Dhabi, as updated this Wednesday in the green list.

To follow up, most recent removal from this list in Russia on 13th June. This came shortly after the removal of the UK and Tajikistan from the list too, with travellers from both countries now required to quarantine on arrival in the UAE capital. Both destinations were on the Green List since April.

With changes coming to effect this Thursday, there are now 31 destinations that make the list. New rules are set to be reinstated on Thursday, July 1, which are poised to remove Covid-19 quarantine restrictions for most international travellers. However, the most recent update means that travellers from these listed countries can fly into Abu Dhabi with no isolation period.

Cuba and Kyrgyzstan were removed from the Green List with travellers from the two countries now required to quarantine on arrival in the UAE capital.

Austria is open for vaccinated travellers who hold an EU or EEA passport, or who have a passport from Switzerland.

It’s also open for those travelling to reconnect with spouses and partners in the country, and the Sinopharm vaccine is recognised to avoid quarantine. The national airline of the UAE is set to launch flights to Austria next month. Etihad will fly to Vienna from Abu Dhabi for the first time from Sunday, 18th July.


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