Sprawling new green spaces to be introduced in Abu Dhabi

Green Abu Dhabi
Efforts are being made by authorities to make the capital more green.

As a step towards making Abu Dhabi look more green, authorities have taken into their hands to ensure a healthier environment. For boosting life for the residents, this initiative helps move towards greener tomorrow.

Al Dhafra Regional Municipality announced plans to develop the greenbelts using indigenous plant species, such as the markh shrub and the UAE’s national tree, the ghaf. It is just the latest effort in the emirate to promote biodiversity and enhance the appearance of public spaces.

As a statement by the Abu Dhabi media office, this project will also protect nearby homes and sand encroachment, helping in enhancing and adding value to the lives of local residents while protecting the environment. It is just the latest effort in promoting biodiversity and enhancing the appearance of the ecosystem.

So when you head out for a stroll and find a greener environment, thank the government for introducing a greenified space for your entertainment.

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