Guidelines Are Now In Place To Help Gyms Reopen

Gyms in Abu Dhabi to open soon

Sports facilities will need to adhere to the new rules to make sure all safety measures are in place.

We could soon be heading back to the gyms and resuming community sporting activities, after Abu Dhabi Sports Council recently rolled out a number of health and safety requirements.

All gyms and those who organize sporting activities in Abu Dhabi will need to make sure that the guidelines are met before they reopen and sporting activities resume in Abu Dhabi.

The guidelines pertain to facilities, trainers, regulators, staff, players and participants.

The process includes facilities having to log on and submit details to the sporting council.

Venue capacity will be set at no more than 30% and social distancing practices must be in place too. Participants must wear gloves at all times and heat-testing facilities will be in place.

Staff will be tested daily and will be required to wear protective clothing. Venues are also required to have quarantine or medical isolation areas for suspected cases.

Once cleared by Abu Dhabi Sports Council, venues will begin to open up and we will update you on that.

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