Here’s Why Abu Dhabi Is The Best Place Ever!

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Aerial View
Aerial View of Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

A world-class museum, the fastest roller coaster, and the largest hand-weaved carpet – it’s remarkable how Abu Dhabi has transformed itself from a sleepy town to one of the top destinations in the world.

So with that being said, we take a look at some of the top reasons why we love Abu Dhabi the best.

Home of Sheikh Zayed

Despite the ongoing debate on whether the UAE’s founding father was born in Abu Dhabi or Al Ain, it can’t be denied that Sheikh Zayed had spent most of his years residing in the capital.

When he assumed the presidency on 2nd December 1971, Abu Dhabi became the official seat of power for the newly formed United Arab Emirates.


Thanks to recent archaeological findings, we are learning more about the emirate’s rich past.

Evidence suggests the presence of early settlers dating back to the Bronze Age or around the period of 3200 to 2600 BC.

Today, Abu Dhabi prides itself as a supporter of art and civilisation through its growing number of cultural venues. Want proof? The city is home to Louvre Abu Dhabi – the only Louvre Museum located outside Paris, France.


Despite its desert environment, Abu Dhabi boasts of lush greeneries and natural spots that support biodiversity.

The Eastern Mangrove Lagoon Natural Park showcases the country’s rich and diverse ecosystems with trees, birds and marine life coexisting harmoniously.

Furthermore, Al Ain, also called the Garden City (can’t get any greener than that), is located in the Eastern Region of Abu Dhabi.


While not as daring as compared to neighbouring Dubai, the capital is no pushover when it comes to stunning structures.

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a work of archaeological wonder, as well as the majestic Emirates Palace.

Also on the list are Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Andaz Capital Gate Abu Dhabi (formerly Hyatt Capital Gate) and Sheikh Zayed Bridge, just among many others.


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