Hudayriat Island Hosts Drive-In Cinema

Hudayriat Island

Drive-in cinema is taking place at Hudayriat island until 11.00 pm today.

The first night saw screening from the ‘90s rom-com hit Sleepless in Seattle starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan at 7pm, followed by the blockbuster film The Dark Knight at 11pm.

Today’s curtain raiser is the Leonardo DiCaprio starrer The Great Gatsby at 7pm, while the sci-fi hit Interstellar will conclude the event at 11pm.

There will be a lounge viewing area complete with blankets and pillows for those who don’t want to watch from their cars. Moviegoers will also be able to purchase snacks and drinks at the venue.

The two-day weekend event at Hudayriat Island is part of the community-wide Abu Dhabi Moments programme.

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