Discover the Enchanting Walrus Realm: SeaWorld® Yas Island’s Arctic Marvel

SeaWorld® Yas Island, Abu Dhabi

Unveiling Arctic Wonders

The mesmerizing walruses at SeaWorld® Abu Dhabi are thriving in their cutting-edge habitats nestled within the Marine Life Theme Park’s Arctic Realm. The Arctic Realm, a captivating realm among SeaWorld® Abu Dhabi’s eight immersive zones, offers a home to five distinct walruses, each with its own captivating personality.

This dynamic habitat is home to five unique walruses, each with their own distinct personalities. From Smooshi, Koyuk, and Boris, who arrived from Canadian zoological facilities, to Lilou and Nanoha, joining us from Japan’s Kamogawa, these walruses have seamlessly adapted to their new environment.

At the heart of their thriving habitat is the state-of-the-art Animal Life Support System (ALSS), meticulously recreating the Arctic’s atmospheric conditions.

This technology ensures water quality, salinity, and temperature are perfectly maintained for their well-being.

Complementing this is the Advanced Animal Lighting System (AALS), mirroring natural Arctic light cycles to promote their natural rhythms.

The habitat itself is a marvel, featuring ample space for exploration, rest, and play. With realistic Arctic rocks, underwater viewing windows, and the addition of fish schools for exercise, the walruses flourish. Expert animal care specialists, veterinarians, and zoologists provide dedicated round-the-clock care, enrichment activities, and a carefully curated diet.

SeaWorld® Abu Dhabi’s commitment to animal welfare shines, certified by Global Humane, highlighting its enriching environment. Immerse yourself in the wonders of SeaWorld® Abu Dhabi’s walruses, a testament to advanced technology and dedicated care.

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