Hudayriyat Island Welcomes You For A Ramadan Experience

Hudayriyat Island

Ramadan Activities at Hudayriyat Island

Discover the Essence of Ramadan at Hudayriyat Island – An immersive celebration of culture, spirituality, and community on Hudayriyat Island this Ramadan. Their carefully curated activities offer a glimpse into the beauty of the Holy Month.

Friday Delights:

  • Storytelling Sessions: Unwind with captivating tales from our Hakawati, transporting you to another world.
  • Live Oud Performance: Immerse yourself in soulful Oud melodies performed by skilled musicians, creating a serene Friday evening ambiance.
  • Cultural Bazaar: Explore our Friday bazaar featuring traditional abayas, intricate henna designs, and vibrant face painting.

Saturday Sensations:

  • Tarabish Band Show: Embark on a musical journey with the Tarabish band, igniting the joyous spirit of Saturday.
  • Qanoon Performance: Experience the melodic brilliance of the Qanoon, showcasing the region’s rich musical heritage.
  • Cultural Bazaar: Immerse yourself in Saturday’s bazaar, offering elegant abayas, delightful Logaimat, and exquisite henna artistry.

Live Ramadan in the Traditional Souk:

Experience the heart of Ramadan at our traditional souk, where the essence of the season comes alive through various cultural showcases and activities.

Dates: Every Friday and Saturday during Ramadan Timings: 8:00pm to 1:00am Location: Entertainment Area and Bazaar – Hudayriyat Island

Immerse yourself with the Ramadan traditions here


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