A close encounter with Humboldt penguins at Al Ain Zoo

Al Ain Zoo
Learn how to protect these penguins from extinction

Al Ain Zoo invites guests to get closer with an interactive penguin attraction. This reflects the zoo’s efforts to innovate and diversify experiences to keep visitors entertained. They also learn about wildlife conservation and enjoy the zoo as an ever changing adventure.

How to get close with the Humboldt penguins at Al Ain Zoo?

The penguin feeding experience is divided into two parts. The first involves visitors feeding the penguins and enjoying a direct contact with the endangered Humboldt penguins that are always excited to get their favourite food of small fish.

Visitors can take some memorable photographers with the penguins.

The second part of the experience is watching the Zoo’s expert carers feeding the penguins their daily meals as they freely maneuver between water and land. They learn more about their behaviour and the Zoo’s preservation efforts to protect them from extinction.

The interactive experience are specifically designed to raise public awareness about the important role the zoo plays. Visitors can book the penguin encounter by booking directly through the call centre on 800-966.

To book your tickets to Al Ain Zoo visit https://www.alainzoo.ae/

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