Review: Spaccanapoli, An Address For Italian Cuisine In Abu Dhabi

The cheese and grape night at Spaccanapoli, Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi is more than just an Italian affair.

Spaccanapoli is known as one of the oldest and a favourite Italian hangout in Abu Dhabi. We were lucky to visit this famous Italian restaurant on a Wednesday evening for their cheese and antipasti night. Thankfully we made the right choice of heading to Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi. We arrived at half pass seven and to our surprise the place was busy with people getting into the evening mood with charming music played by this talented saxophonist.

We finally got in and the polite staff was quite helpful to show us our table to start our evening. We were welcomed with some freshly baked bread basket and an extensive offering of the finest cheese in town. The server was quite knowledgeable as she helped us select the different types of grape drinks which ranged from dry to sweet to mild for the rest of the evening. Since we had toddlers accompany us, the server was quick to suggest us pizza for the kids and got them some margarita and peperoni which were delicious and they truly enjoyed the taste.

No sooner as we were getting into the warmth of the evening, sipping on some amazing grape with nostalgic memories, laughter and chatter around the table, we were treated to some cold cuts followed by freshly prepared quinoa kale salad with squash and pumpkin seeds with pomegranate dressing. As time was passing by, we soon realized our bellies were feeling heavier than usual and were doubtful if we could actually pass the remaining stages of the evening. While we had questions in our mind, the server once again with a big smile brings us this freshly prepared wild mushroom risotto with truffle and immediately our focus shifted to this delicious dish. I must admit, it was one of the best risotto’s i have tried in Abu Dhabi.

Although the food was tasty, tempting and delicious we honestly didn’t have room for anything more to tuck-in. I paused for a while and was in two minds to leave, but at the same time didn’t want to miss out on the amazing Italian desserts. While i was in this fix, came our coffee panna cotta with coffee granita and ice cream. It was divine and i thanked myself for waiting a bit more.

All in all, for the price of AED 179, with all the extensive cheese platter, vintage grape, music and an ambience to fall in love for, is a no brainer. We are extremely thankful to all the wonderful staff for having serve us with a big smile amidst such a busy evening. Definitely this would be on our visit-again list in Abu Dhabi.

Make sure you visit Spaccanapoli for their cheese and antipasti nights every Wednesdays from 7.00 pm to 10.00 pm. To book your reservation you can whatsapp on 050-6123489.

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