Why This Cheese And Antipasti Wednesdays Is Rare To Find In Abu Dhabi

Spaccanapoli Abu Dhabi offers a quaint Italian escapade to Abu Dhabi residents some tasty offerings.

I have always enjoyed Italian cuisine with special vigor. There is just something oddly comforting about gorging down freshly baked pizzas, pasta or even just olive bread. So, visiting Spaccanapoli for their cheese and antipasti night was a no-brainer.

Cheese and Antipasti

One miscalculation on the part of both my friend and I was not wearing loose pants because it was going to be a fulfilling gastronomical affair. Set in Crowne Plaza in the heart of Abu Dhabi city, the restaurant is rustic and sophisticated and instantly creates the sense of an underground cellar missing the barrels but not the grape.

We were seated by Chimaee who explained to us the different dishes that would grace our table on account us of being novices. Navin was the server of our night who entertained our curiosities about the varied flavors and ingredients whilst being our pillar of strength when it seemed like we may have overestimated out eating capacities.


It all started with a cheese and cracker platter and bread basket that had burrata, bocconcini, smoked parmesan, olive bread, focaccia; to list a few with olives and jam on the side. We were soon brought the cold cuts which was followed by a tuna salad. The salad with its fresh tomatoes and rocket leaves was perfectly balanced to help ease us into the next few dishes coming our way. For vegetarians, they also do a green salad which is equally good. Next up, was a mozzarella cheese fondue with jacket potatoes that had melted cheese and prosciutto. The cheese was the right amount of warm that we didn’t have to worry about scalding tongues and the potatoes were deliciously creamy. The whole dish was cleaned off in minutes and bear in mind we still have our cheese platter on the table which we kept nibbling. The evening starts off quiet but soon enough as the grape drinks come pouring and the food start getting served, you’re surrounded by laughter and happy chatter as you add your own to it.

Variety of Cheese

Navin, our wonderful server came to check in on us and to check if he could bring up the mushroom risotto and ask us our pizza preference. We knew that between my friend and I, we would be able to finish the meal as long as it was only one more. So we opted for the vegetarian pizza over the margarita and peperoni and decided to skip the risotto as tempting as it sounded. I love aubergines in almost all forms so to see them on my pizza was an absolute delight. The chilli oil to go with it made the dish a memorable ending to our savory train.

Sated with our dishes and glasses of Spanish red grape, we decided to treat ourselves to the decadent part of the night. There were three cake pastries and two brownies that were beautifully moist and light.

Chef Roopesh who was the brains behind the food has undoubtedly done a fabulous job with this deal.  At AED 179, this option is a steal that you should take advantage of. Be it a romantic date or a fun night out with the friends, this one hits all the right spots and the team make you feel right at home with their warm demeanor and hearty smiles.

Cheese and Antipasti Night, AED 179 per person on Wednesday, 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm.

For more details or table reservations call +971 2 616 6261 or Whatsapp +971 50 612 3489


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