Freelance Licence To Be Issued To UAE Residents, Citizens And Non-Residents

Freelance Licence
A new ‘Freelancer Licence’ has been announced by the Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi which covers 48 types of business activities conducted in the emirate.

The ‘Freelance licence’ will be available to residents, non-residents, and citizens of UAE. The licence can be applied as long as  the applicant must prove relevant skillset to get the licence. UAE residents should also get prior approval if employed in public or private sector firms, if their chosen activity is similar to their regular job.

These applicants can also apply for residence visas, authorities added. Office space is also not mandatory. This decision has been taken in order to allow companies to conveniently work with the diverse experience in the market by reducing the paperwork and the time constraints that employment contracts might stipulate for short-term projects. In addition, freelancers too can now apply for more jobs and work more easily with different brands giving opportunities to housewives, students and other people taking up a freelance occupation.

Under the terms of the recently issued resolution, ADDED has identified 48 economic activities that can be practiced with a freelancer licence, including fashion design, clothing, natural and aesthetic flowers arrangement, photography studio, event photography, videography, event management, gift packaging, jewellery design, web design, project design and management services, translation, calligraphy, drawing, statistical consultations, agricultural guidance and marketing operations management.

The freelancer licence also covers consultation activities in areas of computer hardware and software, real estate, legal consultancy, public relations, standardisation and quality management, pest control, project development, procurement, technical installations, green buildings, information technology, economic feasibility studies, human resources, tourism, heritage, entertainment, administrative studies, food safety, goods designs, fine art, architectural drawings, and maritime services.

In addition, consultations related to lifestyle development, marketing studies, parliamentary studies, banking and marketing services in the fields of energy, space and logistical consultations, fitness, art works, sculpting, handicrafts, printing services, photocopying, gardening and landscaping, printing on textiles or clothes, plastering, engraving, decoration and soap-making can be practiced with the licence.


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