What Makes The Vegan Addition At Pizza Di Rocco Spectacular

Vegan Pizza
We’ve just celebrated Vegan day on 01st November and these tempting vegan options at Pizza Di Rocco is an on-going hit.
Pizza Di Rocco - Ortolana
Pizza Di Rocco – Ortolana

A pizza and a good movie has been the go-to option since time immemorial for a cheer up. However, often people try to refrain from this simple but worldly pleasure on account of it being fattening or just too heavy. To keep up with customer concerns, some pizza places have introduced gluten free and vegan options that are able to combine their signature tastes and ingredients for healthier consumption. One such dining outlet in the capital has been Pizza Di Rocco which is known for its authenticity and speedy delivery.

I have had pizzas from Pizza di Rocco before and have found bliss in the Rozalita but truth be told all the pizzas I’ve tried have been on point. So, when they requested us to taste their new vegan pizzas, I was undoubtedly curious to see if they would evoke the same emotions as their meatier counterparts as they have always been my preferred options.

Pizza Di Rocco - Zucca
Pizza Di Rocco- Zucca

Four pizzas and accompaniments arrived and so it started…. The Zucca tasted exactly like its colorful look. With just a bite you taste the pumpkin sauce, vegan pesto, broccoli, onions, basil, hint of walnut and even the tomato pesto.  For someone who relishes their greens, this one is a colorfully vegan mix that hits the mark.

I was apprehensive about the Basilico simply because the pizza was submerged in fresh rockets which I usually only enjoy in moderation. I am happy to report that I was pleasantly surprised with the flavor it had thanks to the pesto sauce, sliced tomatoes and balsamic glaze which almost gave it a sweet after taste.

Margherita at Pizza Di Rocco
Pizza Di Rocco – Margherita

The Margherita looked like any standard margherita pizza but tasted different in a good way. While retaining its simplicity, it was able to stay light and starch free. Margherita’s are crowd-pleasers for their cheese, and the vegan cheese on this crusty base is strong contender.

Beyond Baja - Pizza Di Rocco
Pizza Di Rocco – Beyond Baja

Finally, the Beyond Baja was the highlight probably because of its beyond meat chunks which gave it the illusion of a meat pizza. Nevertheless, the flavor too was in par with the sun dried tomatoes, onions, sweet corn, guacamole and chili flakes. This option really is a testament to how pizzas can be made in all its glory without forgoing on staying healthy!

Pizza Di Rocco - Quinoa
Pizza Di Rocco – Organic quinoa

The quinoa salad and potato wedges were the prefect sides. The salad was wonderfully fresh and citrusy and the wedges were soft without being too mushy. The much-awaited treat of the meal was a lotus cheesecake which came in a cutely packed box that has found a permanent home in my kitchen. The gluten free cake was light, airy and definitely the perfect way to end this nutritious feast!

For more details, visit their website or visit their branches in Salam Street, in front of TRA Building Dhafra or the branch in Etihad Plaza. Sat – Wed 11.00 am – midnight, Thu – Fri 11.00 am – 2 am.  Call 02-8853222.


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