Jebel Hafeet Desert Park Opens Its Rich History To The Public

Jebel Hafeet Desert Park

People will now get to experience Al Ain’s unique charm with the opening of a new park stationed at the foot of the city’s highest peak, Jebel Hafeet.

Abu Dhabi as we all know is full of attractions ranging from modern to old attractions.

The same can be said of Al Ain, the quiet city located in the capital’s Eastern Region. In fact, the Garden City (as it’s nicknamed) is known for its rich history that predates the modern UAE as we all know it today.

It is also blessed with many stunning natural wonders that show that there’s more to the country than what its desert reputation would suggest.

The Jebel Hafeet Desert Park boasts of a lot of activities that allow the public step back in time and explore life in Al Ain and the region thousands of years ago.

Here, the public will get to see historic remains dating back to the Neolithic period and Bronze Age tombs as old as 5,000 years old.

If you’re wondering, the name of the mountain stems from the Bronze Age Hafit period (between 3200 and 2600 BC) following the discovery of beehive tombs at its foothills.

Its many caves has been home to many wildlife, with some of them unique to the country and region in general.

Want to soak up the place’s years-old history even more? Then set up camp to stay overnight or book instead to stay in a Bedouin-style glamping site soon to open nearby the park.

Jebel Hafeet Desert Park

Curious visitors can also avail of a guided cycling, hiking and off-road driving tours.

This latest attraction is part of the government’s aim to highlight the many historical sites in the UAE and make it accessible to the public.

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