Al Hosn Festival To Revive Past Emirati Traditions

Al Hosn Festival

From immersive art installations to historic re-enactments to film screenings and music performances – expect these and more at the inaugural Al Hosn Festival happening this month.

Set to take place from 12th to 19th December, Al Hosn Festival will offer a variety of cultural experiences that reflect and re-imagine the capital’s heritage through different mediums.

The Living Museum, for example, will depict daily life at Qasr Al Hosn during ancient times, with actors re-enacting past routine and lifestyle.

Curious visitors will also get to hear stories about the palace’s original residents such as Sheikh Shakhbut bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and Sheikha Salama bint Butti.

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يدعوكم مهرجان الحصن بتجربة فريدة من نوعها؛ تعاون فني مشترك نصوغ من خلاله مدينة نموذجية تحمل روح الإبداع في كل منا. في هذه المساحة يأخذ مشروع "ذا دودل فاكتوري" مكانه، وهو مشروع مصري فكرته تمكين الصغار ودعم تعليمهم حول العالم، ويقدم لهم ورشات عمل فنية تحفّز إمكانيات خيالهم. بينما يدعونا مشروع "وي ميك كاربتس" الهولندي إلى استكشاف جماليات العمل المشترك ببناء "الركن المنسوج" الذي سيعكس إبداعات الزوار من خلال التعرف على حرف النسيج. شاركونا إبداعاتكم وقوموا بزيارتنا في مهرجان الحصن من ١٢-١٩ ديسمبر. Drop-in workshops playfully explore the collaborative power of art across society with Al Hosn Festival inviting us to collectively craft a model city. The Doodle Factory – an Egyptian social enterprise designed to empower children and support their education worldwide – sparks imagination in their art workshops. Dutch collective We Make Carpets invites us to explore the aesthetics of collectivity by building a wonderful ‘Woven Pavilion’ that will mirror the creativity of our visitors.

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Meanwhile, The Living Heritage will feature traditional handicrafts demo, while artisans will show off their skills at Al Sadu, Ghazal, Henna programme complete with an outdoor market.

The House of Artisans complex will host a series of workshops on Emirati handicrafts, weaving and artisanal techniques.

There will also be competitions centred on Emirati cooking traditions and artistry.

If you’re crazy about trainers, a workshop led by craftsman Dominic ‘The Shoe Surgeon’ Chambrone will share his skills and knowledge to sneaker heads and artisans.

Other happenings worth seeing are commissioned arts on display in the form of exhibition, open-air film screenings, live musical performance, creative workshops for children and demo on making and serving Arabic coffee.

Al Hosn is the original urban block of the city and comprises the historic Qasr Al Hosn Fort, the Cultural Foundation, the National Consultative Council building and the House of Artisans.

Al Hosn is emblematic of the proud cultural heritage of the UAE, bringing to life the rich fabric of its history, people and traditions and highlighting the city’s future ambition.

Tickets to the festival are priced at AED 30 for adults and AED 15 for kids aged five to 12.

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