Review: Why The Breakfast At Jones The Grocer, Holiday Inn Downtown Is Worth Your Money!

Breakfast at Jones The Grocer
All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast

My morning breakfast is very important as it fuels my entire day. We decided to visit Jones The Grocer, Holiday Inn Downtown for their famous breakfast. Our memories were still intact for their amazing brunch. The breakfast set up took me by surprise for a brighter day ahead.

Fruit Bowl

Usually i finish my morning meal around 7.00 to 8.00 am, however we tweaked our morning routine to have a late breakfast and we reached there by 11.00 am. We were welcomed by Andreas who was kind enough to help us find a place and walk through our morning experience at Jones The Grocer, Holiday Inn Downtown. The Quality Breakfast  was nothing less than a sumptuous feast. Personally, apart from enjoying the good food served, the perfect ambience, it doesn’t tick full marks unless there is a human element through our journey. While we were talking to Andreas on which breakfast would comfort our hungry tummies, we were once again greeted by Ahmed Shokry, the manager in-charge at Jones The Grocer, Holiday Inn Downtown. Ahmed is someone i will always remember because of his positive vibes and the personal connection you can form while talking to him.

Arabian Mornings

We were suggested by Ahmed to try the Jones Traditional English Breakfast which is an all time favorite and the Arabian mornings. For the toddlers, the suggestion was sausages and mash. We had the perfect start with our cappuccino and fresh juices followed by a bread basket and fruit bowl. The fruit mix was great and the flavored yogurt made it perfect. No sooner, we had Cristy who brought us our breakfast meals and it was wow.

Jones The Grocer

The Jones Traditional English Breakfast had everything from sausages, bacon, hash brown, mushrooms, fried eggs (as per my request), fresh leaves and cherry tomatoes. My husband was served with the Arabian mornings ( true to its name ) which had these spicy beef chorizo sausages, spicy tomato chickpeas, grilled halloumi, poached eggs, labneh, crushed pistachio on multigrain toast. We decided to get going with the morning feast. Honestly the meal was quite heavy and unexpected. All praise to head chef Ashok Goud, who came to our table with that broad smile and asked us if everything was ok ( which is rare in most of the places ) and if we were ready for their famous coconut pancake and Brioche French toast.

Brioche French Toast

The entire experience was nothing less than a brunch and were surprised when Ahmed the manager pointed out the breakfast hours are from 8.00 am until 5.00 pm. Priced at AED 85 for the Quality Breakfast, it is truly exceptional and gives Jones The Grocer, Holiday Inn Downtown all the ticks for good food, ambience, hospitality and price point. If you wish to skip the dessert ( which we recommend not to ) it would cost you AED 65 and a specially designed menu for the little ones would cost you AED 25.

Coconut pancake

One thing which touched our heart and was overwhelming was for the surprise birthday celebration treat for my husband which was an unexpected and joyous one. We truly thank Ahmed and the team at Jones The Grocer, Holiday Inn Downtown for their warmth.

Make sure the morning breakfast at Jones The Grocer, Holiday Inn Downtown is on your must try list and let us know if you felt the same happiness and warmth we experienced.

You can give them a call on 02-6156440.

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