Lock The Doors: This Emirati Director Is Out To Scare Us Again

Lock The Doors

Following the success of A Tale of Shadows (2017) and Until Midnight (2018), Emirati director Tariq Al Kazim is back once again to scare viewers out of their wits.

This time around, Tariq is working on A Tale of Shadows: Illusions – the first of many expected sequels from A Tale of Shadows – due for an early 2020 release.

Horror Movie

A Tale of Shadows has always been a huge universe for me. I’ve actually got about nine stories to tell, inspired by the first installment,” says Tariq.

The sequel tells the story of a detective and a journalist on the trail of a case of a girl who mysteriously appears in a hospital covered in blood.

Their search leads them to a farm where they are confronted by chaos and illusions.

But while the movie picks up from where the original film had left off, A Tale of Shadows: Illusions is no means just a continuation of its predecessor.

For one, Tariq consciously changes his directing style to give his latest project a fresh take – something that he is hoping the audience would appreciate.

“In my previous movie, I’d complicate the story by trying to fit in a lot of information and details all at once,” he muses.

“This time, however, I made the story simpler with little complications. My past films also usually had a lot of dialogues or a lot of action.

This time, I’ve balanced both elements. Likewise, my previous movies always follow the story of a single character.

Now, I made it a point to show the stories of all characters.” Tariq is of course hoping that his latest approach will only make A Tale of Shadows: Illusions even more hair-raising and all the more intriguing to viewers.

“Horror feeds into our innate curiosity for the unexplained. There’s a feeling of thrill – as dark as that may sound – that goes with fear. We like seeking the unknown and this movie will tap into that emotion.”


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